North Carolina’s Crisis In Confidence


The news isn’t good in North Carolina. 400,000 of us are unemployed, construction has slowed, housing prices are tumbling, tourism is faltering, businesses are struggling and state and local governments are gasping for revenues. Economists agree we haven’t hit bottom yet.
The bigger and more troubling crisis, however, isn’t economic. It is a crisis in confidence. That is a dramatic change from just a few months ago when we were confident almost to the point of braggadocio. Remember those golden days of 2006 and 2007? The number one issue on most minds was growth. Some 504 people per day or 184,000 per year were moving into our state. North Carolina was prospering and there were jobs aplenty but there were repercussions. Roads were congested, classrooms were crowded, some businesses were having a hard time finding workers and demands for public services were growing. Our major concern was how to manage this growth.