Southern Oral History Program


The Southern Oral History Program website has an interesting interview with Governor Gardner by Thad Eure here.


C.J.: Let me get back to the 1932 election, did you support Franklin Roosevelt as the nominee before the convention? Restriction: Permission from interviewer required for quotation. page 37 Eure: Yeah, was presidential elector. C.J.: But before the convention of the Democratic Party, was he your choice? Eure: Oh yes. And was here then, was in the Department of Personnel. was the assistant director of the Department of Personnel. It was post that Governor Gardner got for me and in the early days there, when it was during Governor Gardner’s term, they had the National Governor’s Conference in Richmond, Virginia. And remember that went with Governor Gardner to the National Governor’s Conference in Richmond and the first time ever saw Roosevelt, Governor Gardner took me and we went up to his room and knocked on the door and Mrs. Roosevelt came to the door in her kimono and said, “Just wait one minute.” And so she got herself better attired and after then, we went back in the bedroom where Franklin D. Roosevelt was seated, of course, and having his breakfast. It was very early in the morning. That was the first time had ever met him. And of course, Franklin D. Roosevelt knew that Gardner was one of his supporters and at that Governor’s Conference in Richmond, there were several of the governors there from over the country and they wanted to see Governor Gardner and see if they couldn’t get him to support their candidacy and that consumed whole lot of the governor’s time. And later, so well do remember, that when some of those governors would want to approach him about favoring them for the presidency of the United States, that Governor Gardner said, “Now listen. You are talking to the wrong man. want to introduce you to Thad Eure who is the chairman of the Democratic party in my state .

Another interview (without a transcript) can be found here.